“Discover Our Proven System that Increases Positive Reviews, Improves Reputation and Increases Revenue for ANY Business While Easily Charging Recurring Monthly Fees…”
…Plus the Powerful Software for Landing Clients using the Perfect Foot-in-the-Door, Pain Point Service no business owner can ignore!

Watch the Video Below to Learn More

Easy Front End Recurring Service that Solves a Major Problem for Businesses

Virtually No Selling Involved and Easy to Get Results for Your Clients FAST!

Leads Up Perfectly to ANY Monthly Recurring or One Time Service You Offer!

Easy to Use Software for Finding and Contacting the Ideal Clients for this Service
“Everyday Millions of Businesses Around the World Are losing Massive Amounts of Revenue from Even just a Single Bad Review, it’s KILLING Their Business and YOU Can Help…”
Just take a look at the devastating stats businesses with bad reviews are up against…

A recent survey by shows the staggering importance of positive reviews for businesses today and how it’s only going to become even more critical in the future.
  • 70% of consumers read 4 or more reviews, with 20% looking at more than 11
  • Positive reviews make 68% of consumers more likely to use local businesses
  • Negative reviews stop 40% of consumers wanting to use a business
  • 91% of 18-34-year-olds trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations
  • 57% of consumers won’t use a business that has fewer than 4 stars (up from 48% in 2017)
  • 86% of consumers read reviews for local businesses
  • 27% of consumers looked online daily for a local business in 2018 more than double the proportion in 2017

As you can imagine, business owners absolutely HATE seeing people talk about their business so negatively and would happily pay you top dollar to fix it.

Especially once they see those stats and realize how much revenue they are losing, this service becomes a NO BRAINER.

“The Good News is it’s actually VERY EASY to Fix This Problem FAST if you know what you’re doing…”
Just take a look at the results we’ve been able to get for our clients using this system…





These are just a couple examples of clients we have successfully rescued from the depths for bad online reputation. Our methods have consistently helped improve their ratings by driving REAL POSITIVE REVIEWS!

Not only have they seen their rating rise but their traffic, sales and overall revenue along with it. This service is powerful yet easy to implement and can have a massive impact on a businesses bottom line in a hurry.

“It’s Easy to Keep Clients Paying Recurring Fees Month After Month When you Can Drive Real Reviews, Traffic and Sales that Turn into a Positive ROI Consistently…”

Neil Macpherson here on behalf of my business partner Robert Dickson and our Launch Partner Valerie Duvall.

We’ll be the first one to tell you that landing recurring clients for Reputation Management services (or any service for that matter) wasn’t always this easy for us.

In fact we started out just like you, with no results to speak of and some ambition to create better lives for ourselves.

Neil Macpherson

In the beginning we struggled just like everybody else. I started my business from my grandmothers kitchen table with no money or resources to speak of. Robert started his from his parents basement and Val had to start over completely after losing her job in 2008.

Between the three of us have have 35+ years of experience serivcing hundreds of clients in a wide variety of niches..we know what works AND what doesn’t.

When you’re first getting started it’s natural to chase down clients, trying to sell them anything they will buy just trying to make some money.

The problem is going about building your client base like this is extremely stressful, a complete recipe for burnout and the reason most marketers give up before they ever succeed.

We struggled with the same problems everybody does at first…

Chasing Clients begging them to buy.

Selling One off Services that keep you needing to make sales constantly to pay the bills.

Offering the same generic services as everybody else that businesses don’t really need.

The list goes on…

It wasn’t until we started focusing on recurring services that would get our foot in the door, allow us to build trust quickly and sell our other long term recurring services that everything changed.

“The key to Landing Clients Long Term is to Focus on Pain Point Services that Get Your Foot-in-the-Door and Lead Up to Higher Ticket Recurring Services…”

Once we discovered this concept we began testing a variety of services to get our foot in the door and help business owners solve a problem quickly to prove our value and sell our other services.

We tried all types of services from Facebook Ads/Pages, Websites, SEO Services and more as our foot in the door but we often found those to not really work because businesses don’t care enough about that stuff.

What they do care about is their bottom line and with bad reviews/reputation, it’s EASY to point out how much it’s hurting their business and that most certainly gets their attention.

We always knew bad reviews were hurting businesses and that trend was only going to grow but at first we had no clue how to actually help a business that had this problem.

Luckily one day a client of ours came to us asking to help fix their maps rating/reviews which forced us to figure it out.

We immediately went “under the hood” and “down the rabbit hole” in an effort to figure out how we could help this client, and many more, fix their reputations online.

At first we didn’t know what to do but eventually we came across a couple methods that were working well for other agencies and began to test them out for ourselves.

Once we began testing a couple of the methods we discovered and saw how quickly it drove positive results for that client, we knew that we were on to something with reputation management services.

Not only was it pretty easy to get results but it was also pretty easy for our client to understand how we were doing, why it was helping them and why they needed to keep paying us for this service!

That’s when it hit us like a ton of bricks…

“Reputation Management is the PERFECT Foot-in-the-Door Pain Point Service Because Bad Reviews Will Kill a Business and They Simply Cannot Ignore it…”

Why Reputation Management Services?

  • Huge Pain Point Problem (easy fix)
  • Almost Every Business Needs it
  • Virtually Sells Itself (when done right)
  • Leads Up Perfectly to Other Services

Bad Reviews can absolutely kill a business, costing them thousands in revenue and that is all you have to explain to a business owner to get their attention. Not only that but there isn’t really a business on the planet that couldn’t use more positive reviews!

Plus what’s great about pain point services like this is they really sell themselves, simply point out the problem and offer to fix it, that’s all you have to do and there is very little selling involved.

The best part is this services leads up perfectly to almost any other service you offer and we even teach you how to bundle those services in while using our “low pressure close” that is like taking an order.

“Just a Single Bad Review Can Cost Your Clients THOUSANDS in Lost Revenue!
Just look at the top answer on Google for “how much a bad review costs”…

how much does a bad review

WOW! What do you think a business owner would think when you explained how that upset $10 customer was costing them $3,000 in potential business?

What if that business was selling a $1,000 product? That’s $300,000 in potential business they would be losing out on!

Think that would get their attention?!? HECK YEAH IT DOES!

When you explain this concept to a business owner the first thing out of their mouth is going to be…

“Can you fix this immediately?”

And now with our system, you can say “Yep, no problem!”

They are going to be dying to have you help them and happy to pay whatever you ask.

Just look at the average cost of reputation management services…

average cost

Just because this service is a great foot-in-the-door doesn’t mean you can’t charge a pretty penny for it, in fact business will pay top dollar to solve this revenue killing problem.

Once we connected all these dots, we began testing even more methods to help clients with this problem, knowing it was going to be a majorly important service for years to come.

Over the years we’ve dailed in our methods to the point were it’s point and shoot, reputation improved!

“We Developed Proven System that Drives Positive Reviews, Improves Reputation, Rankings & Revenue for ANY Business Like Clockwork…”
…the best part is it’s easy to setup and deliver results fast!

Over the years we’ve worked with TONS of clients to improve their reputation online and we’ve really figured out what gets results quickly that are going to last long term.

In fact we us a combination of four easy to setup techniques that work together to rapidly improve any businesses online reputation, rankings, revenue and more.

What’s great is they way we find and contact prospects for this service, there is little to no selling involved and we’ve found it to be the perfect natural upsell into our high ticket recurring services.

And this system isn’t about getting any kind of fake BS reviews that will hurt your clients, we figured out how to get only REAL REVIEWS from REAL CUSTOMERS that are willing to spread the word.

Even beyond that we’ve really dialed in the best types of businesses to work with and gotten closing these deals down to a science, so simple it doesn’t feeling like your selling anything.

These clients are desperate for somebody to solve this problem. All you have to do is HELP Them do that and you will have their trust as the go to expert for many years to come. Heck they will happily refer you to everybody they do business with!

Don’t you think if you had a system that could improve the reputation of any business fast that you could kill it with rep management services?

We know you can because we’ve seen how easy it is ourselves and since there is literally no way we could service the millions of businesses that need help with this problem, we decided to make our system affiliate to consultants like yourself for a limited time…


Reputation Takeover is Our Brand New Training Course that Shows You How to Drive Positive Reviews, Increase Maps Rankings & Online Reputation for ANY Business. Easily Charge $500-100 for this service as the perfect Foot-in-the-door or bundle it with other monthly recurring services you already offer!
Proven System Drives Positive Reviews, Improves Rankings and Overall Reputation for ANY Business FAST…
Check out just a few of the things you’ll learn inside…
Why Reputation is the Perfect FID Recurring Service to Offer
What makes the a business a good target for this service
How to find the Ideal Prospects and Easily Get in Front of Them
How to Put the Problem in their Face so that simply can’t ignore it
Our Low Pressure Close that Makes Closing Deals like Taking an Order
The Most Important Review Sites to focus on and Why
Instant Results Email Review Method that will blow your clients away
The Incentive Method that Drives Positive Reviews Quickly
The Super Easy to Setup Checkout Review Method
How to Get a Clients Best Customers to HAPPILY Leave Reviews!
The Simple Yet POWERFUL Follow Up Review Driving Tactic
Leveraging Postive Reviews to Increase Maps Rankings
The Perfect Google Maps Profile Setup (helps BIG TIME)
Low Hanging Citations that Help Your Clients Shoot up the Rankings
Leveraging Press Releases to Dominate Maps EVEN MORE!
The Perfect Services to Upsell into and WHEN to Do so
And much, much more when you pick up this powerful system!
Plus as Part of this Limited Time Launch Special Offer You Get Our RepLeads Software as Bonus! ($97 Value)

To make it easy as possible for you to be successful with our system we are including our reputation management lead gen software as a bonus when during this launch special offer!

This web based software is super easy to use and finds the perfect prospects for this service in just a few clicks! Not only that but our unique strategy “puts the pain right in their face” so they simply cannot ignore this problem!

With our RepLeads software you can find and contact UNLIMITED leads 24/7 at no additional costs! Normally software like this would cost you hundreds of dollars on it’s own, in fact we will most likely only be offering this at a much higher price soon!

Included With Your Purchase Today
Find and Contact the Perfect Clients with this Massive Pain Point Problem Using Our Lead Generation Software in Three Simple Steps!

Step #1 – Find the Perfect Prospects

With RepLeads it’s easy to find the perfect prospects (bad reviews and poor star ratings) quickly while building a massive list of businesses you can target in just a few clicks.

Find businesses worldwide in almost any niche you can think of or follow the ones we recommend for easy results.

1 plumber

bad review plumber

Step #2 – Point Out Bad Reviews

Once you add a business to your leads list you’ll have the opportunity to capture their worst reviews and attach them to their profile before moving on to the next step.

These bad reviews are the thing that really gets the businesses attention, no business owner wants customers talking about their business like that and they will be looking to fix it quickly!

Step #3 – Contact & Close w/o Selling

Once you’ve identified a prospect and found the pain point (bad reviews) the next step is to make it so they can’t ignore.

The software lets you email these prospects directly from the tool with proven templates that display poor reviews and get businesses contacting you, ready to buy.

It’s that Easy!
Watch the Demo Below to See RepLeads in Action…

To find and contact businesses that have this problem manually would take you hours and hour of time. Even if you paid somebody it would cost you hundreds of dollars to get the same effect.
With Repleads you can find, contact and close unlimited businesses all from the comfort of one easy to use dashboard, at no additional cost!
Everything that is included When You Buy Today…
Complete System for Improving Reputation and Building Recurring

You’ll learn the system we use to drive postive reviews, improve reputation and overall revenue for any business! You’ll also learn how to use our low pressure close and propsoal tempalte to do the selling for you and then how to upsell into your other services with ease!

Step-by-Step Video Training Series

All of our training is hosted in a private and secure members area with 24/7 access. You can follow the entire system step-by-step in just a couple hours or you skip ahead to any video you like to get those golden nuggets right away with our Easy to Browse video training library.

Quick Start Guide (PDF)

Because we know not everybody learns the same we’ve included both a PDF quick start guide that breaks down the system and a complete video training series. We designed this course so you can digest it quickly and put it to use immediately!

RepLeads Prospecting Software w/ Training

As a BONUS you get our RepLeads Prospecting Software for FREE! This software is easy to use and comes with training to help you get started quickly. Easily find and contact the perfect leads for this service in just a few clicks!

We’ve included everything you need to put this reputation management system to use and build big time recurring income that sticks for years to come.

Whether you’re looking to build an entire business around the reputation management or simply add this lucrative service to your existing agency, this training will be the perfect course to get you started.

By combining our proven rep management system with our RepLeads prospecting software you’ll be able to start landing clients for this much needed recurring service TODAY!

We could easily sell this training on it’s own for $297 and it would be a complete steal. Our Repleads Software is going to sell for MUCH more down the line. Right now you can get this entire system PLUS RepLeads for a fraction of that…

Get Instant Access to Reputation Takeover, Our RepLeads Software plus the Massive Advantage bonuses & Start Building Your Recurring Empire Today…
See What People Are Saying About Our Training Products…

We’ve also Included Several Killer Bonuses To Give you a Massive Advantage…
We’re not just going to hand you our system and send you on your way. We’ve actually included several high value bonuses designed to make this system easier for you to hit the ground running with…

Rep Management Proposal Template ($97 Value)

The right proposal will do almost all the selling for you and making closing deals for more like taking orders but they can be tough to create from scratch.

To make things as easy as possible for you, we’re giving you our reputation management proposal template that you simply plug and play when you’re ready to close those deals!

Rep Management Checklist ($47 value)

Since we know it’s easy to forget things and you may not want to always refer to the training when delivering rep management services, we provided a step by step checklist you can follow.

This checklist lays out all the key steps in improving your clients reputation so you don’t miss anything and have an easy reference guide!

Direct Mail Materials ($197 Value)

Since occosianally you may find the perfect prospect but their contact information isn’t listed online, you may want to reach out via direct mail using the same “bad reviews” strategy.

We designed these Done for you direct mail materials to make it easy to for you to plug in the key details and get in front of your prospects fast.

Digital Client Crash Course ($97 Value)

Since we know that reputation management is the perfect foot in the door that leads to additional upsells, we are included our crash course for offer ongoing marketing services!

This course shows you how to outsource, land clients, close deals, deliver front and recurring services…perfect for newbies and veterans alike!


Market Mainframe Pricing Guide for Key Services ($47 Value)

One of the biggest things we see our students struggle with is pricing services so that you are making a nice profit while still delivering value to your clients.
While there isn’t an exact science to pricing your services we have a developed a system for coming up with a good price for our common services.
This ebook will give you a great guide to pricing your recurring monthly packages in a way that keeps clients paying for years!
And Now for the Icing on the Cake We’ve Included a Couple More Bonuses to help you succeed with Reputation Takeover and Our RepLeads Software…
Finally we’ve included two more bonuses to help you close deals and give you some hands on assistance. You’ll get to join us for a live group coaching call covering this system and meet us in our closed mastermind!

Digital Client Mastermind ($97 Value)

In addition to giving you all the training, tools and support you need to make this work we are also giving you access to our Mastermind Group.

In this group you’ll find like minded marketers that are also taking on clients, generating local leads, running killer agencies and making it happen just like you. Get feedback, listen to others success stories or connect with others in the group!

Live Group Coaching Call ($97 Value)

To make sure you fully understand how to implement this system and take any questions you may have we’re going to be holding a live group coaching call!
During this call we’ll discuss the key strategies from the course and best practices when implementing this system.
If you can make it live we’ll stay as long as possible to answer all your questions, if not we’ll post the replay in the members area afterwards.

Everything that is included When You Buy Today…
  • Complete Video Training Series
  • Quick Start Guide PDF
  • Our Repleads Prospecting Software
  • Training and Ongoing Support
  • Rep Management Proposal Template
  • Rep Management Checklist
  • Direct Mail Piece for Landing Clients
  • Mastermind & Group Coaching

We’ve included everything you need to put this reputation management system to use and build big time recurring income that sticks for years to come.

Whether you’re looking to build an entire business around the reputation management or simply add this lucrative service to your existing agency, this training will be the perfect course to get you started.

By combining our proven rep management system with our RepLeads prospecting software you’ll be able to start landing clients for this much needed recurring service TODAY!

We could easily sell this training on it’s own for $297 and it would be a complete steal. Our Repleads Software is going to sell for MUCH more down the line. Heck the massive action bonuses are worth close to $1,000 on their own!

Right now you can get this entire system PLUS RepLeads ($97 Value) for a fraction of that…

Get Instant Access to Reputation Takeover, Our RepLeads Software plus the Massive Advantage bonuses & Start Building Your Recurring Empire Today…
Don’t Pass Up Your Chance To Build High Ticket Recurring by Offering Reputation Management Using Our Proven System!

By now you know that the key to landing high ticket clients is leading with the right pain point foot-in-the-door service that leads up to everything else that you offer.

You also know that bad reviews/ratings are costing businesses thousands of dollars in revenue they don’t even know about, making this the perfect pain point recurring service.

Not only that but it’s easy to point this out and explain it to a business owner so that they are dying to have you fix it for them and happy to pay any fee you ask for…this problem is that important.

The best part is with our Repleads software that you get as bonus, you don’t even have to worry about finding leads to sell this service to!

Plus once you step in and solve this problem for local businesses using our system, upselling into your other high ticket services and keeping clients paying long term will be a piece of cake.

This problem is only going to continue to become more important for businesses to fix in the coming years as maps/reviews become the critical component to the buying process.

If you’re clients aren’t actively working to improve their reputation, they are going to lose to the businesses that are.

With our system in your hands you’ll have the power to fix this problem for any business quickly and become the hero they look to for every other marketing service they need!

Right now you can get access to this entire training and our software that finds the perfect clients at a massive discount and it will not be available again at this price once the launch ends.

Take advantage of this massive opportunity to help local businesses using a proven system and software that does the heavy lifting while you have the chance!

Get Instant Access to Reputation Takeover, Our RepLeads Software plus the Massive Advantage bonuses & Start Building Your Recurring Empire Today…
See You on the Inside!

Neil Macpherson

Robert Dickson

Valerie Duvall

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Can I get support if Needed?

Absolutely! We have a top notch support team to make sure you are taken care of as fast as possible. Robert and I regularly handle customer emails as well as give personal advice in our mastermind group. With us you can be sure you are not out there on your own, we are here to help make sure you are successful with our training.

Are there any additional costs involved?

Nope, that’s what’s great about this system! We show you how to land clients using our software and the methods are all things that you can do easily while passing any cost on to the client. We do have a few upgrade options for software that can automate and/or simplify some of the delivery but they are not required to use the system and generate positive reviews.
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